This is a small tutorial on how to use the LyraUtil.

You start by running the program. This will open the following window:

The main window

Now you have the following options:

1. Open an existing Lyra format Bit file. Only usable if you want to save it as a BMP image.

2. Open a graphic that exists in a Nokia file format.

3. Open a BMP image.

After opening an image the application will look like this: (Depending of course on the image you selected.)

Show a Nokia Logo file

Now you can either save the image as a BMP og Lyra Bit format image.


To use the image on the Lyra MP3 player, save the image-file on your Lyra in the subdirectory Pmp, with the name: Screen.bit


The next time you turn the Lyra on, it will display your own image.

(Ps. It will always display the Thomson/RCA logo first)