Welcome to the homepage of the little utility LyraUtil.

This tool enables you to convert graphics from other applications to a file readable from your Thomson/RCA Lyra MP3 Player.

The graphic you can change on your Lyra is the picture at startup, that typically shows either a Realmedia or a Windows media player logo.

You can use LyraUtil to convert from the following file formats: Bmp, Nol and Ngg .

The last two file formats are usually used with a Nokia Cellular phone. This means that there is literally several thousands of pre-made logo's available on the Internet.

Visit the How-To page for information, on how to use LyraUtil or go to the Screenshot page to see LyraUtil in action.

Last but not least visit the Download page to download the LyraUtil.

You should also have a look at LyraUtil's project page at SourceForge. Do so by clicking here